HOLY TRINITY embodies luminous design, creative craftsmanship and exquisite production. It’s a place where visions become reality, where trailblazing new ideas are born, and things are invented before they seem possible. Connections are made on intimate terms with technology, and contact with objects becomes personal, intuitive and smart. HOLY TRINITY turns human-object interactions into unprecedented sensory experiences: to switch on one of our lamps is to conjure a magic where analogue operations trigger digital processes. Perfect design and precision craftsmanship, made in Germany.
This is the world of HOLY TRINITY.


HOLY TRINITY creates unexpected but long sought-after sensory experiences.

According to legend, Rima was the benevolent spirit of light.
And every time a RIMA is switched on, magic enters the world with a gesture as simple as opening a curtain. As logical as it is intuitive, this natural motion lets light be continually modulated – and it’s remarkably free of restriction.

Four rings, unlimited variability in light: RIMA offers flawless illumination as a table lamp, with warm white light in any range, from concentrated beam to wide expanse. Its tactile controls consist of rings that move – almost hovering – along the length of the light bar and which create a direct effect on the digital object. Illumination immediately follows the user’s movement: the medium of light becomes a direct sensory experience.

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Born of design, technology and intelligent control, our lighting concepts illuminate ideas for today and tomorrow with consummate form and materials, and intuitive controls.

The imagination knows no limits in the use of these modular under-cabinet lamps. And no contact is needed: a simple gesture creates light. A movement of the hand with no direct touch opens or closes spaces of light.

Sensors register the desired space, which AREA then fills with light in an intuitive, practical process. AREA blends almost imperceptibly into its surroundings. Yet when lit it becomes a dazzling eye-catcher providing uniform work light or precision beams.

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Our interactive principles have been developed for a range of purposes and to enrich applications and objects for the future.

A further development on the original RIMA – no longer with legs, but instead an almost invisible mounting for reception or bar counters, or for shelves.

A special rotating mechanism allows the beam from this slender bar of light to be directed 45° to the front or rear, giving users even more freedom, plus another dimension with which to shape their very individual CARU experience.

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HOLY TRINITY is turning the Internet of Things into a tool for people: our products enable users to grasp intangibility and control, instead of being controlled by their surroundings.

As a hanging lamp KALA opens up even more possibilities for use. Intuitive sensory controls enable individualised design of illuminated space, and are naturally present in this version along with a subtle suspension mechanism.

Hanging from two thin wires, incorporating the almost imperceptible power supply, the lamp floats in the room as if weightless. Thanks to a specially developed technical feature, it offers a 45° variable range of illumination from front to back.

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HOLY TRINITY represents the enrichment of life through new interactive experiences.

As a standing lamp ORON offers flexibility and mobility. Its finely-drawn appearance in work, lounge and living areas contrasts all the more with its familiar sensory controls.

HOLY TRINITY’s specially developed central mount for the light bar can be rotated up to 60° to provide direct or indirect illumination. The modularity of the central mount allows it be extended to all areas of application.

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The dresden-born Matthias Pinkert is the man behind HOLY TRINITY . Matthias visionary , product innovator and designer. Moreover strategist and manager with a keen sense, leadership skills and the absolute will to change the world with the best interaction between people and products.

Trained as a product designer with a strong sense of lateral thinking Matthias Pinkert looking for ways to redefine objects and their use. With his creative intuition he anticipated impulses from the market and finds the best technological options. With its extensive experience artisanal directs and coordinates the production from prototype to production to manufacturing principles.

Experienced in business development and leadership he organized the business processes at Holy Trinity. For this purpose, he is responsible with an experienced team for marketing and distribution of HOLY TRINITY as a provider inspiring lighting concepts and a global player in the user interface and innovative product design.

HOLY TRINITY is a unique source of ideas and objects designed and made in Germany. We find unparalleled opportunities for interaction between people and objects, and give them flawless quality and shape. Our objects of desire combine groundbreaking design and precision programming of interface controls with superior craftsmanship in everything from components to material finish. We build on expertise from our existing series to create further intelligent products and applications. As a leading brand in the smart-home sphere and the Internet of Things, we are already changing the world.

The tangible user interface between analogue control and digital effect: this is the fascinating area that inspires ideas at HOLY TRINITY. Logic, intuition and distillation to the greatest simplicity of operation are the drivers of product development and design. They give rise to consummate, irresistible objects – intelligent lighting concepts that combine modern methods of illumination with elegant, streamlined forms. To make sensory interaction possible, technology is imbued with human qualities from first sketch to final prototype, in lamps today and in the objects of tomorrow. Key to this process is the selection of the most suitable components and materials, the most pleasing surfaces, and the most skilful means of processing.

There is only one production option for HOLY TRINITY to achieve the desired effect for its objects: it should be done to a masterful degree of quality by specialised companies in close proximity to the design and development work. That is the only way to ensure the close coordination needed at every stage to achieve the optimum level of realisation. Expert hands turn an idea into a product series that meets the highest standards of operation and finish.


Where is our journey taking us?

The principle of the tangible user interface – analogue actions with digital effects – can be seen and felt in lamps
by HOLY TRINITY, and will also come into being in further intuitive lighting concepts. HOLY TRINITY will enable
us to engage in sensory interaction withevery object in our immediate surroundings – especially in our homes and
workplaces. As the world’s leading brand for user interfaces and the Internet of Things, HOLY TRINITY is leading the
digital revolution and utterly redefining the relationship between people and their environment. HOLY TRINITY makes
the digital real, bringing processes from the virtual to the actual where we can behold and grasp them.

What’s next?